Cookie Crazy and April Showers

What’s a girl to do when she realizes she has a ton of icing left over in all these great colors?  Well, work into the wee hours of the morning after the kids are in bed, of course.  This is what I call cookie crazy.  I had this idea, and couldn’t let it rest and I thought the color palette of the extra icing would lend nicely to my new collection idea.

I bought this old cookie jar at the Salvation Army and it has been kicking around for a long time.










I think it is so cute.  All the Pacific Northwest rain has been on my brain, and I was reminded of this cookie jar, which has been in the back of a closet, and I pulled it out.  It is cute and bright and cheery, sort of reminds me of Paddington Bear.  So, I thought I would make cookies in the shape of the raincoat clad lad.  This involves hand cutting the dough.  I also wanted to include rain clouds, umbrellas and rain boots.  Well, I do not have any of those cutters, so with a sharp knife, I went to town.  I have done this before, when a customer asks for a shape that I don’t have, while I am always happy to add to my cookie cutter collection, it can get expensive and sometimes hand cutting is a good option.  But, let me tell you, only do this if  you are really dedicated to a project, as it is not an easy task.  I wasn’t able to get the clean lines that I was looking for, so this is where a little handy tip came in use.  You know those microplane zesters that are oh so awesome for your lemon zest?  Well, turns out they are quite handy used to whittle down any scraggy edges on your hand cut cookies (after they are baked).  A tip I hope you don’t ever need to use, but there you go, in case you do.  Another tip, use really well chilled dough.  In fact, the harder the better, the knife will cut much more smoothly.

But see, you don’t even need to know all this, because you have me, your dear cookie baker to save you the trouble.  Take a look at how they are turning out.























Except for this little gal who lost her head. Oops!  Things can get a little crazy at 1:30 am.








Pretty darn cute.  Keep an eye out for the full collection, I’ll be posting tomorrow.  In the meantime, I plan on actually sleeping tonight!

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